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Howard Maitland Sly Award


Howard Maitland Sly Award




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General information

Eight awards of $2,500 are available to eligible students. Students must:

  • Be a graduate of Durham College entering full-time studies at Ontario Tech University.
  • Demonstrate financial need.

About the Donor

Howard Maitland Sly always had a passion for building. In his youth, he would build model airplanes and had dreams of becoming a carpenter. After discovering a love of math, he completed an engineering degree at Queen’s University and went on to work with Esso Oil and Polymer Corporation before returning home to Kingston. In 1958, he founded Dacon Corporation and became a leader and innovator in a diversified range of residential developments. Sly established a reputation for product quality and exemplary craftsmanship in home construction in the Kingston area, but also for building the community. He believed that growth and development was a community affair and ensured that reasonable-cost housing was available to those who needed it. In the late 1960s, he returned to Queen’s but this time to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce. He studied part-time for three years while still running the company and completed his degree in 1970. In June 1979, his life was cut short when the light plane he was piloting crashed when approaching the Toronto Island Airport.

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