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Mental health

Mental health is a broad term that includes emotional, psychological and social well-being, all of which affect how we think and feel. We provide many strategies and resources to help support your mental health during your time as a student employee.


  • Where can I find support?

    If you experience a change in your mood and are looking for support, there are many ways you can seek help:

    • Reach out to others, such as family and friends. They may be able to provide you with emotional support.
    • Talk to a professional. There are professional support options available to students on-campus. Visit the Student Life website to learn more about the mental health resources available to students.
    • Educate yourself. Utilize the resources available to learn more about mental health and the ways you can improve your emotional health.
  • How can I boost my mental health?

    There are several activities and strategies you can implement in your daily life to help support your overall mental well-being:

    • Eat brain-healthy foods to help support your mental health.
    • Ensure you are getting enough sleep.
    • Make social connections a priority.
    • Stay physically active.
    • Take up a relaxation practice or hobby, such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation or deep breathing.
  • Are you in distress?

    If you are in distress, Student Life has provided a flow chart to help you navigate the immediate, emotional and academic resources that are available and relevant to your situation. 

    Student Mental Health Services offers counselling appointments and drop-in support. A team of mental health professionals will be able to assist you. 

    If you are experiencing a mental health or other crisis on campus, call Campus Security at 905.721.8668 ext. 2400 or 905.721.3211. If you are not on campus, call 911 if you require immediate assistance.

    Is your distress is related to your academic performance? You should meet with your academic advisor.

Ontario Tech provides support and assistance for students experiencing challenges caused by personal, physical or emotional difficulties by offering a range of short-term counselling and therapy services to students using a 'Stepped Care' model. Services and resources available to students on campus include: 

  • Groups, peer support and workshops
  • Self-help resources
  • Single session supports
  • Therapy and specialized supports

For more information, please visit the Mental Health services website. 

Visit Student Life to learn about each dimension of wellness including definitions, strategies and a variety of on-campus resources.

Please visit the Student Life website for a list of external supports and services within the Durham Region and Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Some of these services include: 

Human Resources offers access to many external resources and services that are available to students such as:

  • Arthritis Society
  • Canadian Mental Health association
  • Mindsight

For a full list of external supports, please visit the Human Resources website.