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Student guidelines

The University Works program aims to provide full-time Ontario Tech undergraduate students who demonstrate a financial need with useful career-related experiences to help them achieve their personal and academic goals.

University Works (UW) Program Guidelines

  • Pay Structure
    • Students in the UW program are paid a base wage of $17.25 an hour.
    • Rates above the base wage are the responsibility of the employer.
    • Students are not paid for any sick days or vacation days taken.
    • The University will pay statutory holiday pay according to the Employment Standards Act.
  • Working Hours
    • Fall/winter weekly maximum: 12 hours.
    • Summer weekly maximum: 35 hours.
    • Employees who work less than a 5-hour shift will receive a 15-minute paid break.
    • Employees who work 5 hours or more will receive a 15-minute paid break in addition to an unpaid lunch break at a minimum of 30 minutes.
    • Student employees are allowed to work up to a maximum of 7 hours a day.
  • Student Eligibility
    To be eligible for the University Works program, students must:
    • Be registered in full-time undergraduate studies in the current academic year (Sept. to April).
    • Have a demonstrated financial need.
    • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in their last full-time semester.
    Additional Eligibility Notes:
    • Students registered with Student Accessibility Services must be enrolled in a minimum full-time course load of 40%.
    • Students holding a TA/RA position during the employment term are not eligible for the UW program.
    Summer Employment Eligibility Notes:
    • Students must be returning to full-time undergraduate studies at Ontario Tech in the upcoming fall semester.
    • Students enrolled in more than one course from May to August are not eligible to participate in the summer UW program.
  • Mandatory Training
    • Once hired, mandatory training instructions will be provided to students through their email.
    • Students must complete all mandatory training within the first two weeks of employment.
    • If the student has previously been an employee within the University Works program and has completed the training, they do not need to complete it again.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) Office
    • Coordinates the process of requesting, approving and advertising jobs for Ontario Tech employers.
    • Determines student eligibility via application forms and provides communications regarding the UW program.
    • Provides training to the students and outlines the details of the program.
  • The Employer
    • Interviews and hires qualified students.
    • Informs the SAFA office of hires.
    • Ensures the student receives orientation, AODA training, safety and job training.
    • Ensures the student understands the terms of employment (i.e. pay rate, start and end dates, performance expectations, dress code, etc.).
    • Must notify the SAFA office and Human Resources if the student is terminated or resigns from their position.
    • Ensures the student's timesheets in Web-Time ( reflect the hours worked.
    • The employer is responsible for collecting and submitting the 3-page contract (signed by both the student and employer) to in the first week of employment.
  • Student Responsibilities
    • Understands and meets the terms of employment.
    • Fulfills their job requirements outlined by their employer.
    • Completes all mandatory training within the first two weeks of employment.
    • Ensure their timesheets are submitted through Web-Time ( in accordance with the submission schedule.
    • The University Works program aims to provide valuable work experience; however, students should not replace current full-time/part-time employees.
    • Students cannot act as Research Assistants (RA).