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Healthy eating

Healthy eating directly affects your overall well-being and performance as an employee. Ensuring proper nutrition contributes to better concentration, focus, and creativity, it also helps improve mood and energy levels.

 As a student employee, it is important to take the time to eat healthy nourishing foods to ensure you are able to perform tasks to the best of your ability. Below are a few resources and recipes to help you get started.

  • How can I make healthier choices at work?
    • Plan ahead. Preparing snacks and meals ahead of time is a helpful way to save time and keep organized.
    • Keep healthy items available. You will be more likely to reach for healthier options if you have them readily available. Easy options include nuts and seeds, fruit with a longer shelf life such as apples and even whole wheat crackers.
    • Take time to eat. move away from your desk when it is time to eat your meal in order to enjoy your food. Schedule a lunch break with a co-worker to hold yourself accountable for taking a lunch break.
    • Be mindful of your schedule. Look ahead at your day and plan when you can take breaks to eat a healthy snack or nourishing meal.

One of the hardest parts about eating healthy is finding easy recipes. Check out the resources below for work friendly meals.

  • Mindful eating is the practice of paying attention to our food, moment by moment, in order to focus on the food and eating experience.
    • Try out a mini-meditation on mindful eating to reach a state of full attention while enjoying your next meal.
  •  Incorporating certain foods into your day can help boost your mood and help you feel more energized.