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Spring/summer students

If you are a current OSAP student planning to take a full-time course load in the spring/summer term (three courses or more), you will need to complete an OSAP Spring/Summer Extension form once you are fully registered in your courses. You are not required to create a new application online.

The OSAP Spring/Summer Extension form will be available on your MyOntarioTech portal, under the Student awards and financial aid box, on April 2, 2024.

OSAP definition of full-time study for spring/summer term

Courses taken in the spring/summer semester can run from May to August. You could have options to take a course for six weeks in the spring term, six weeks in the summer term or a 12-week course that runs through spring and summer.  Whatever the combination, you must be in a minimum 60 per cent course load to be considered full-time for OSAP purposes. See example combinations below: 

Course combination Course load percentage Credit hours
Two spring courses, one summer course 60 per cent Nine
One spring course, two summer courses 60 per cent Nine
Three spring courses 60 per cent Nine
Three summer courses 60 per cent Nine
Three courses over the full May to August term 60 per cent Nine
Two spring courses, two summer courses 80 per cent 12

Note: Students who have a permanent disability must be registered in and attending a minimum of 40 per cent of a full-time course load (six credit hours) in order to maintain eligibility.

Students studying part-time for spring/summer term

If you will be studying part-time (one or two courses total for the entire spring/summer semester), you will be required to apply for part-time OSAP. This process is the same as applying for part-time OSAP for the fall and winter semesters.