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Qualified students

You are considered a qualified student if you are:

  • Enrolled in at least a 60 per cent course load provided your program of study leads to a degree, certificate or diploma.
  • Enrolled at a secondary school in Ontario within the meaning of the Education Act taking at least the minimum required course load.
  • Enrolled in an academic upgrading program at a public Ontario college or university taking at least the minimum required course load.

In addition, students who participated in a bankruptcy-related event may be eligible for Continuation of Interest-Free Status under review. The minimum required course load is 60 per cent or 40 per cent in the case of a student living with a permanent disability.

The minimum 40 or 60 per cent required course load must be maintained in each term of the study period in question. No averaging of course loads between terms is permitted.

In addition, the study period considered for each interest-free period must be a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of 52 weeks.