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Financial Literacy Month (November)

Every November, we celebrate Financial Literacy Month (FLM). Watch for workshops, helpful tips and contests all month long!

What is financial literacy?

Financial literacy is having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions.

  • Knowledge refers to an understanding of personal and broader financial matters.
  • Skills refer to the ability to apply financial knowledge in everyday life.
  • Confidence means having the self-assurance to make important decisions.
  • Responsible financial decisions refers to the ability of individuals to use the knowledge, skills and confidence they have gained to make choices appropriate to their own circumstances.1

Being financially literate can help Canadians to:

  • Decide how they will spend their money and meet their financial obligations.
  • Make sense of the financial marketplace and buy products and services best suited to their needs.
  • Manage their personal finances and plan ahead for life events, such as homeownership or retirement.
  • Ask and understand how they can benefit from local, provincial and national government programs and systems.
  • Assess the financial information and advice they receive from relatives and friends, professionals or the media.
  • Maximize the use of resources they have access to, including workplace benefits, private and public pensions, tax credits, public benefits, investments, home equity and access to credit.1

Task Force on Financial Literacy, Canadians and Their Money: Building a brighter financial future (2010)

What is Financial Literacy Month in Canada?

November is Financial Literacy Month (FLM). Under the direction of the Financial Literacy Leader, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) helps co-ordinate the efforts of, and increase collaboration between, organizations from the private, public and non-profit sectors to promote financial literacy for Canadians of all ages. Strengthening the financial well-being of Canadians is the vision of the National Strategy for Financial Literacy—Count me in, Canada.

Throughout November, organizations and individuals from across the country are invited to participate in events aimed at helping Canadians learn how to manage their personal finances successfully.

A complete list of events and res sources offered by financial education providers is available in the Canadian Financial Literacy Database.

How do we recognize FLM?


We will be holding different financial literacy workshops during a week in November 2020. Lunch will be provided, so come hungry and ready to learn about managing your finances. November 2019 workshops included:

  • Cooking on a Budget, hosted by the Durham Region Health Department: learn how to cook inexpensively and then enjoy it
  • Goal-based financial planning with a purpose, hosted by Investors Group Wealth Management
  • Own your financial future; managing debt and making credit work for you, hosted by the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA)
  • OSAP Repayment Webinar, hosted by the National Student Loans Service Centre

Financial literacy workshops are also held throughout the year. Learn more about workshops.