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Colleen Walker Bursary in Memory of Fred Hogan


Colleen Walker Bursary in Memory of Fred Hogan




Engineering and Applied Science


Nuclear Engineering


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General information

Two awards of $1,500 are available to eligible students. Students must:

  • Be a full-time student enrolled in either the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Ontario Tech University.
  • Demonstrate financial need.

About the Donor

The Colleen Walker Bursary in memory of Fred Hogan was established by Fred’s daughter, Colleen Walker. “I wanted to help women in STEM programs go out and make their own mark on the world,” she explained. “The award would help relieve some of the financial stresses associated with going to school. STEM programs are tough to begin with, so I wanted to alleviate some of the pressure a student may be feeling.”

The award assists women specifically in Engineering programs. “Dad had high expectations and standards, but he always had our backs,” Colleen explained. “I am glad to be able to offer that same kind of support to women who may not have as much backing as I had. More and more women are going into nuclear engineering. It’s very exciting to see. I know there will be great opportunities to contribute as leaders in the field.”

Her late father, Fred Hogan, regularly reminded her to “use your education to make your mark on the world." Colleen, who retired from a long career in nuclear energy, continues to maker her mark assisting the STEM community through her philanthropy.

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